Friday, October 14, 2011

7 Weeks to a New Showroom!

It's time to freak out!  ONLY TWO WEEKS LEFT!  Now that each of our contractors has gotten to a running start without tripping over each other, they have all promised to take us from this...

Suite 903 (October 13, 2011) a finished showroom!  Although it looks like nothing is happening, the walls are being framed and almost all the piping is run for the electric wires.  Then the entire space will be painted, the floor will be installed and we'll transport our "display fixtures".  These have to be reinstalled to show off our sconces, table lamps and lampshades.

While waiting for this to happen, I took some time out with friends to attend a book signing by Ana Tzarev in her gallery on West 57th Street.  Justin Warner, Director of the gallery, whisked us away for a glass of champagne and introduced us to Ana.  Originally from Croatia, Ana specializes in scenes of nature; especially flowers and birds.  Primary colors dominate her themes and her canvasses are of a grand scale.  Ana is one of the most exuberant painters I have ever met - and so is her art!

And speak of exuberant people, in the center is our group leader, Interior Designer, Elle, of Lebeck Design Corp., and from left to right, long-time pal Sean, Courtney of B.Berger, family friend Ram, and me!

I'm cashing in all my favors and inviting everyone in town to spend the weekend packing chandeliers.  Free beer and pizza for all.  So far we have two brave participants. When I return to work on Monday, I will have photos with more progress.  I hope.