Saturday, November 19, 2011

Come! Sit! Stay! at the NYDC

Usually, we write about lighting, however, Lampworks recently moved into the New York Design Center at 200 Lexington Avenue, and so our mascots want you to know how excited they are to be here!   If you've shopped at Lampworks, then you've met our Standard Poodles, Yoshi and Caniche.  Caniche is the white female princess who holds court over the showroom, and Yoshi is the the male rescue with soulful eyes who greets everyone for pets.   

On our first offical day, as we approached the entrance, there was Mike, one of the building staff, raising the flags of the US, NYDC, and 1stdibs.  We stopped to salute and entered the lobby where we were greeted by Eileen and Louis who qualify visitors and messengers.  Eileen is in big trouble ever since the Poodles found out she keeps biscuits at her station.  Now they won't continue through the lobby unless they get a treat.  While we were there we also met Jordan of Apropos, with his dog.

Next, we stopped in the Cafe to pick up coffee and were pleasantly surprised to find that the Poodles were allowed to accompany me where they were offered some treats.  How is a canine to keep a good figure around here?

As we rode up to the ninth floor, the Poodles, who always watch their elevator manners, sat quietly wagging their tails offering free shoe shines.   When we arrived, we met DIFFA's mascot, Spot.  Gosh, this is an exciting start to the day - another member of the NYDC Kennel Club! 

Ready for work, Caniche and Yoshi got into position for their nap and
waited for another chance to see Eileen on their way out for a walk.  Hmmm....maybe the guys at the Cafe will spare a little cheese they've been saving for those yummy paninis?  Next time you are in the NYDC, stop into Suite 903 and have your shoes shined while you view our new lighting.  Come! Sit! Stay!