Tuesday, May 19, 2015

ICFF - Triangular Reasoning

The 2015 ICFF (International Contemporary Furniture Fair), which was held this week at the Javits Center in NYC, was a proverbial feast for the eyes.  It was quite gratifying to see so many artisans and products that are made in the US.

The trend I found to be most interesting is the use of triangles, angles, and honeycomb shapes.  In fact, there were so many, I will include what I simply have room for!  First, I will start with the lighting - which of course is near and dear to me...

James Dieter's new fixture "Ketta", is like a breath of air on which his three-dimensional kite-like fixtures float.  These will surely add a punch of color in any space. 

TJ OKeefe makes so many sculptural pieces with triangles, utilizing positive and negative space in many exciting ways.

David Gaynor of DG Design created mirrors of triangles with a corner cut off - sort of a squashed rhomboid.

And who would have thought that a chair made from triangles is comfortable? It was designed to lean - this is the left handed reader's chair. Check out the cool things at WICZNY.

And last, but not least - rugs in glorious colors all created from triangle from Lindstrom Rugs

 So let's get to the point...triangles are now cutting edge!